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Titanium :RotG: :chapter 1:
Jack sat on the floor, rolling around in sand while his little sister laughed, saying that he would end up with his mouth full of leaves. The boy then rose up. His brown hair was a mess, but his smile was radiant.
"So you better run before I can catch you!" - he warned, looking menacing, but the girl laughed even more.
"Jack, it's late, let's go home!" - she said, extending his hand toward the boy, who held it fondly.
The brothers walked side by side through the square, telling funny stories and making jokes, noting the reddish leaves falling from the trees, lining the floor like a carpet.
The autumn season always brought good memories to the Overland family: chocolate cookies, old movies on TV and warm hugs.
Every day Jack, the eldest son, after school crossed the city, going to fetch his sister who was still too small to be able to walk alone around town. It was a lonely and quiet path, if not for the bus noise and who was in it, but the boy did not care. The warm hug and smile that
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Please, sing to me :RotG:
"The night is young" - they said - "Let's go to karaoke."
And there were all the guardians sitting in a comfortable red couch, confined inside a room equipped with a television and a sound system that Pitch suspected to be very old.
In the huge North's hands reposed a catalog of songs, thousands of options. Rock, jazz, blues, rap, heavy metal and many others that would be virtually impossible to list. And the nightmare king was not really in the mood for flipping and discovering musical styles. In fact he did not even know the reason for why he was there, sitting in the middle of those dummies. Maybe it was the misfortune of being a guardian now.
"Aha!" - Santa exclaimed, typing the number of the chosen song before grabbing the mic and clearing his throat, making strange noises. Jack laughed.
Tooth clapped to the music rhythm, trying to follow the lyrics, but it did not take long for the room to became filled with desynchronized voices and giggles from the winter spirit. Pitch sighed.
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Remember the name :RotG: :chapter 1:
Sitting on a huge branch, Jack Frost stared at the darkening sky, the stars slowly revealing itself.
On that small and remote village, the winter seemed to never end. Snow always covered the ground, house roofs, cars, plants and the people themselves. It was like a gentle hungry monster who longed for deposit its whitish claws on whatever was in its path, swallowing anything existent around, leaving behind a trail of icy winds. Jack particularly loved that place. It made him remember his own home.
The boy gazed at the huge moon, for a short moment holding his breath.
Jack knew that the Man in Moon probably would not answer his questions; he had tried so many times... For greater it was his hope, the only response that came in his ears was the silence. Deep, sharp, solitary silence, and once more the spirit of winter found himself clenching his fists in frustration, however... The man who inhabited the moon was the only one who could and wanted to see him.
Jack, unconsciously, ha
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Nameless :RotG: :chapter 3:
Golden eyes reflected the moonlight.
On that calm night the sky was almost cloudless. The snow fell slowly, covering the forest floor that surrounded a small town, making the landscape even more gloomy and cold. The whitish flakes landed delicately on the shoulders of a man dressed in black, blending in with the dark hair, merging with the obscure suits in a way that almost passed through the fabric to crust in the gray-skin, but the man did not move, standing with his arms crossed behind himself, staring at the moon.
It was like a forgotten statue. Abandoned for years by humanity. Hidden among the forest secrets waiting for the day that he could move again.
Pitch expression had touches of melancholy... A mixture of doubt and regret. Curiosity and joy. Butterflies in stomach and anger.
He felt hatred for failing to find answers to why... Why he felt so many things when he met, saw or just remembered Jack... A simple mortal could arouse many feelings in the nightmare king. A mere human,
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Nameless :RotG: :chapter 2:
Burgess was a bunch of houses that stood in the middle of a forest, veiled by the huge sky and surrounded by a lake that was very popular in all seasons.
During the summer families used to walk around, the kids loved diving in the clear waters and cool off. In autumn people enjoyed to make picnics and tell funny stories until dusk. During spring the children ran around the lake, picking flowers, playing, laughing. The season that attracted less people from Burgess was winter.
Through snow period the lake, once so full of life and apparently harmless, had its waters frozen. The stones wore a white robe and the ground could hardly be seen. The cold was so severe that seemed to cross people's skin and curl up in their bones. But children kept enjoying themselves on that frozen lake. Especially Jack.
The boy loved the cold, the freezing wind hitting his face, the tip of his fingers becoming chill. He liked to feel the ice under his bare feet, to watch the snowflakes falling slowly, silentl
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Nameless :RotG: :chapter 1:
They said that the nightmares born from a dream.
On a dark night without stars the moon was surrounded by gigantic, darkened clouds and inside a simple house, wearing old clothes and wrapped in a thin blanket, a boy slept peacefully.
He dreamed of his family. He dreamed of a beautiful picnic at the crystalline lake filled with delicious foods. Around could be heard children laughing loudly and singing birds. He dreamed about the joy, the warmth of a summer day, the hope of a teenager who has his whole life to discover.
In his small, humble room, furniture were sparse. The rug was the only thing that brought some heat on that freezing night, besides the flickering flame of a small candle.
They said that dreams make people move on, but what the humans did not know was that fear was the first feeling that arose in humanity.
Suddenly the candle went out, leaving the boy's room in shadows.
He shifted in his bed in an uncomfortable way with a low sigh and unconsciously pulled the blanket, tr
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Sakura :YGO!Zexal: :chapter 7:
Yuma felt the soft and weak waves that soaked his clothes. A light caress of the river's waters that was so deep and full of mysteries, the river that once divided the northern and southern lands.
It was exactly five years since the incident that had occurred in the huge, luxurious Black Mist's mansion.
People heard through rumors that the feared leader of the northern part had died and was buried under a huge cherry tree, however, some villagers believed that, in fact, 96 was still alive. He had only feigned his own death to escape a possible civil war that had been brewing over the years, the result of his own actions and the hatred that he had implanted in people's hearts. Nothing was more than rumors, but the gossips served to create various legends surrounding the mysterious death of Black Mist.
It was five long, extensive and difficult years that Astral had been called to the complicated task of unifying the realms, as once it was in the past.
They were extremely different cultur
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Kneel :Thor:
Loki closed his eyes.
He ran his hand over the throne made of gold, feeling the cold material slip through his skin, leaving his fingertips tingling slightly.
With a brief sigh, the god of mischief settled into his seat, feeling, again, that sensation invading his stomach, rising in a slowly and pleasurable way for his throat, spreading through his veins, traveling among the bloodstream. It was the sense of glory, power, the feeling of finally getting what he was targeting.
He still remembered the day the Allfather announced, on that morning full of festivities, which one of his heirs ascend to the throne and would command Asgard. A memory especially sweet.
Everyone expected that Thor, the golden son, were the chosen one, after all he was the strongest, full of energy and spirit of achievement, leadership. Unlike Loki, who always wandered among the kingdom corners, never having a single friend. The Asgardians dared to call him "bizarre."
The only things that Loki had in his favor was h
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Beyond the sea :YGO!Zexal: :chapter 4:
Astral opened his eyes slowly, feeling the body weak, heavy, as if it had been in the same position for a long time to the point to start to lose it's own movements due to lack of blood circulation.
He blinked dazed, trying to focus his blurred vision, starting to be irritated due the thin misty layer that seemed to cover his eyes. While leaning on one hand, finally managing to get up, he felt the nausea dissipated.
Astral looked around.
He saw a dimly lit environment, surrounded by various glass bottles containing liquids as suspicious as the deepest abysses of the ocean. He saw a transparent stone in the center of the place, which shone in a weakly and paused way, as if passing an omen... That was when Astral remembered.
Black Mist... He was gone!
The being with bluish skin felt the impotence pass through his fingers. Black Mist had escaped... He could be anywhere, plotting terrible plans, perhaps even setting another war... The difference this time was that Astral was not so sure th
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Sakura :YGO!Zexal: :chapter 6:
Black Mist stared in the mirror, running his fingers through his own hair, analyzing the shiny and black highlights. He then held the band that covered his eye, removing it slowly.
There was his cursed eye. As black as coal, contrasting with the bright and golden iris of the other eye. It was an aberration.
Black Mist remembered his early life in the castle of his adoptive father. He remembered the nasty comments, the fingers that even the palace employees pointed in his direction, the gossips, prejudice, the fact that everyone believed that he and Astral were fruits of a spell that would bring disgrace to the kingdom.
Astral never defended himself, keeping silence, but Black Mist... He never gave up, trying to prove that he was as normal as anyone in that house, expecting to receive a more humane treatment, egalitarian, but in the end people were even more hostile.
For years the situation repeated, and although the man who had adopted the brothers tried to protect them from insults, i
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Beyond the sea :YGO!Zexal: :chapter 3:
Astral stared the creature with curious eyes.
The spiked hair, the slightly tanned skin, the red fish tail as bright that resembled blood. It was someone really particular.
"Who are you?"
The king of the seas asked in a calm voice, folding his bluish arms, settling a little more on the throne made of coral and gems, analyzing the foreign reactions.
He said simply, not daring to raise his head, keeping his eyes closed.
Astral shifted slightly, glancing at those who had found the boy hours ago in a silent request for them to leave.
Yuma felt when his arms were released by sticky and cold hands, leaving him in the same place.
The boy tried to open his eyes and see where he was, but the only thing that he saw was darkness. He did not even know if he was with the eyelids open.
"Yuma..." - his voice caught the boy's attention - "They told me that they found you in an abyss not too far from here... You know where you are?"
The Tsukumo was nervous and the despair began to appear. He
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Sakura :YGO!Zexal: :chapter 5:
Yuma sat on a bench, watching the beautiful garden around it. The spring was one of the boy's favorite seasons, with all the flowers in bloom, painting the fields and cities with the colors of the rainbow. Butterflies adorned the sky and Yuma remembered that he hunted some with his father years ago... Those were good memories.
The boy sighed. Despite all the beauty of the place and the treatment he received, the longing he felt for his family was greater.
The Tsukumo wanted to return home, hug his sister and grandmother, telling them that everything was fine; however, he could not get out of there before completing his mission. He had to find his parents.
Years had passed since Kazuma and Mirai had disappeared in a mysterious way, leaving their children without ever giving a sign of life again. Haru had tried in every way to make money and be able to give a comfortable life to her grandchildren, at the same time she told amazing stories about Yuma's parents and their travels around the
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8- Nightmare :YGO!Zexal:
Mr. Heartland stood up from his bed in the middle of the night, using an old pajama, filled with memories, like a reassuring hug that he had not won for a long time.
There were some nights that nightmares became too insupportable.
The man opened the curtains and looked at the city through the glass. The bright lights blinded him for a moment, but he did not care. Remained standing, staring at that pile of houses, buildings and people who saw him as a leader, an exemplary person, a model to follow, a winner.
They not even imagined the true story of the famous Mr. Heartland...
Throughout his life he had pretended. Had pretended that he liked people. Pretended he was a good man. He pretended he was fighting for the good of his people. But there was only one thing that he really wanted and strove body and soul to achieve: his dream.
A dream so huge and pleasant, enough to make Mr. Heartland never give up.
There was only one contretemps... He never could do it alone. He needed the help of a
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Sakura :YGO!Zexal: :chapter 4:
Yuma walked slowly through the massive pillars, looking the details of the red walls. The floor, almost translucent, reflected the boy's image perfectly.
Black Mist's palace was spectacular.
Large windows allowed the light to enter quietly, illuminating the various expensive paintings and objects that adorned that room. The Tsukumo's eyes were widen, impressed with all the wealth, luxury and exuberance. Never in his life had Yuma seen anything like that, the statues, the people's vestments, even the perfume that filled the air...
Suddenly the boy felt bad, like an intruder who walked with his old sandals dirtying the floor of the palace.
The walls seemed to be closing in, making the teen gulp in fear.
He just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, out of sight of those people who pointed and whispered, speaking of his humble origins, judging him by his clothes, the dust spots on his cheeks...
The atmosphere became hostile and Yuma felt even more alone in that place.
However th
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Beyond the sea :YGO!Zexal: :chapter 2:
Deep into the ocean, hidden among rocks and darkness, was a cave.
No aquatic creature dared to pass near that place, fearing the more hideous creature that could exist: Black Mist.
Some fishes had seen him and said he was a kind of octopus full of long, sharp tentacles. The skin as black as oil with strange red and green marks through his body. One eye was golden and the other black; he was gruesome. But what really kept everyone away was the Black Mist bad reputation.
They said that his evil exceeded any limit and, because of the ambition and the strange powers he possessed, the king of the seas had trapped the black being in a cave located at the ocean edge.
The story even told about a war fought between Black Mist and the most respected, sovereign people of the aquatic realm, beings half human and half fish.
The fact was that Black Mist was doomed to live alone inside that cave every day of his existence. However, for each spell there's a solution, and that which kept Black Mist stu
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My wish :YGO!Zexal:
Yuma sat on the floor, holding between his fingers a small piece of colored paper.
He sighed, closing his eyes, remembering what had happened earlier in the school: some kids had mocked his dream to become the champion of the duel monsters. They were cruel, even catching some of the kid's cards, who was now hiding in his own room, fighting against the urge to cry and the thought that, in fact, he was weak.
(flashback on)
"Yuma, come here a second..."
The little boy of just 8 years quickly rose from the couch, running across the room towards the porch where his mother was waiting with a gentle hug.
It was a hot day and the wind was blowing slowly, shaking the sheets hanging on the clothesline. At the Tsukumo's home only Mirai and Yuma were there.
The woman kneeled until her eyes were on the same height of the red ones, smiling in a way that the boy could not decipher; was somewhere between concern and affection.
"You see that piece of paper?" - She asked, showing the object
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ColoringTutorial and Sai Tips2 by DyMaraway ColoringTutorial and Sai Tips2 :icondymaraway:DyMaraway 6,208 320 Easy Drawing Apple by AbdurMpower Easy Drawing Apple :iconabdurmpower:AbdurMpower 94 6 Drawing jewelry: diamonds by kawacy Drawing jewelry: diamonds :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,399 178 Drawing eyes - mini version by kawacy Drawing eyes - mini version :iconkawacy:kawacy 11,247 201 Ice tutorial by Azot2017 Ice tutorial :iconazot2017:Azot2017 9,425 91 Easy fur tutorial by ryky Easy fur tutorial :iconryky:ryky 5,115 103 Easy Blood - tutorial by ryky Easy Blood - tutorial :iconryky:ryky 7,347 128 How to draw - glass eye by yaichino How to draw - glass eye :iconyaichino:yaichino 2,238 24 Coloring Tutorial (from sketch to final) by KyouKaraa Coloring Tutorial (from sketch to final) :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 3,706 92 Tutorial Paint Tool Sai Different Layer Options by KyouKaraa Tutorial Paint Tool Sai Different Layer Options :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 2,748 53 Eye Tutorial (+Video) by KyouKaraa Eye Tutorial (+Video) :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 2,890 42 Simple skin Tutorial by KyouKaraa Simple skin Tutorial :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 542 9 Fire and Cloud Reference Sheet by FrostBo Fire and Cloud Reference Sheet :iconfrostbo:FrostBo 181 12 Water Gradient Reference by FrostBo Water Gradient Reference :iconfrostbo:FrostBo 1,055 74 Sunset Color Gradient Reference by FrostBo Sunset Color Gradient Reference :iconfrostbo:FrostBo 1,841 82



I got tagged by AzureYugiohVanguard!

Let's go then:

1. Whats your favourite but weird thing to do?
Hmm... I like to talk to myself...

2. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? If so did you kiss? (Why? cause I can )
I have my lovely boyfriend <3 I love him too much and we kiss almost all the time! XD

3. What would you do if the Earth suddenly cracked right in front of you and your best friend and you had the option of saving he/she from falling into the hole which, by the way, is filled with lava and risking your own life or run? (dont ask)
I don't care about death...

4. Do you have a favourite anime? If so, what would you do if your favourite character came up to you and asked to be your friend?
I have tons of favourite animes! XD But if Yuma asked to be my friend... I guess I would faint in love XD

5. Are you getting bored?
More or less .A.

6. What is an object that you like? (makes you feel relaxed or something along those lines)
My pc and my notebook.

7. What animal are you most like?
Cats and dogs.

8. Any idea how the name 'Jane' is short for 'Bob'? (XD)
Wat? @_@

9. What is the weirdest name you have heard a celebrity call their kid? (Just me, I heard some weird names! Although my personal favourite is Moxie Crime Fighter. No joke!)
AHUSHAUSH XD I don't know... Maybe Anthonia...

Ok last one: 10. Do you think I'm weird? If so, good weird or bad weird and why?
I guess that you are a very nice and cute person ^^


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